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A good knowledge of the math basic facts is a must!  Unless you can quickly add, subtract, multiply, and divide.... you will be additionally challenged in the GED math test.

Knowing the basic facts should be automatic.  You should not have to rely o the calculator or using your fingers.  Although alternative ways of solving 8x7 is great in everyday math situations..... it is not a good way of using your minutes on the GED Math test.


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Think you are ready for the GED math test?  Test your knowledge with this free Pre-GED math assessment.

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GED Math Basic Facts


Download free GED Math Worksheets on basic math facts.  Each worksheets contains problems in basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divsion.  Solve them as quickly as possible!  If you don't know your math facts, find math facts flashcards.

Remember, to keep your goal in sight.... the goal of taking and passing the GED math test.



Basic Facts Worksheet 1                 Basic Facts Worksheet 2

Basic Facts Worksheet 3                 Basic Facts Worksheet 4

Basic Facts Worksheet 5

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