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There are five steps in solving GED Math Word Problems.  It is important to understand each step and practice each step until you thoroughly understand it.

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GED Word Problem Procedures


Step One:  Understand the problem:  After reading the problem once or twice, identify the question within the GED Math Word Problem.  What are you being asked to find?

Step Two:  Decide what information you need to solve the problem:  Identify numbers and other important information.

Step Three:  Choose the best operation/s to solve the problem:  Will you add, subtract, multiply, or divide.  Perhaps it will be a multi-step problem and you will need to use more than one operation.



Step Four:  Solve the Problem:  Write an equation, draw a picture, use a formula to help you solve the problem.

Step Five:  Check your answer:  Ask yourself, "Does it make sense?"

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